Hi! I’m Steph!

I’m the Founder and CEO of the GENIUS CODE ACADEMY™. I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs, coaches creators and experts unlock their X-Factor, create a purpose driven, soul fueled business they love, while creating freedom, fun and wealth along the way.

Steve Oshler said: “Until you become who you were born to be, your soul will make it clear that you have yet to reach your full potential”

And boy, did this ring true for me! I really wanted to pursue art full time. But I did the thing I thought “I should” do to pay the bills and have security. So I became a nurse anesthesiologist. Great career! Put people to sleep-get paid to wake them up. Pretty cool gig really.

But not following our heart has its consequences and until we listen to it, it will keep trying to get our attention. Often we try and shush it, the heart, with all kinds of numbing agents: shopping, relationships, chemical addictions, work and workout addictions. We lose our way.

(Or I lost my way)

But if we are lucky we never lose that nudge from the heart to do what we are really meant to do.

I began looking into what it was my heart was trying to tell me.

First, money is great, I’m here for it. But money itself doesn’t make ya happy. I’ve spent the last 20 years in a multiple 6 figure job. I have a lot of gratitude for that. It’s never boring. But my heart wasn’t satisfied.

For several years I have been on a journey of uncovering my truth and what I’m here to do. I’ve invested over 200k on my own coaching and mentoring-I should have it ALL figured out by now, right?

When I felt stuck in my business several months ago…I loved coaching and helping people, but something was missing. I felt like I sounded like a lot of other coaches out there, and my artsy creative side, well, it just wouldn’t stand for that.

I began asking “What is it I truly desire in my life? What is my true X-Factor (genius) that’s gonna make the biggest impact while I’m here? How can I have fun doing “it?”

Well this led me back to stories of my past. And that’s where I found a lot of answers and that’s where I discovered the process of Genius Identity Code™, and the power of naming your gift, aligning with your purpose and your path.

I’m a Creating Possibility Artist on a mission to help entrepreneurs wake up and do the thing that lights them the freak up, have fun, change lives and create freedom and wealth while doing it! 

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